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MOLD REMEDIATION COMPANY in Louisville & Shepherdsville, KY

Mold Hunters Mold Remediation and Home Inspections is a family-owned mold remediation company offering mold remediation, and water restoration, for residential and commercial clients. Also offering residential home inspections and house dry out services! We remove mold from affected areas, and then treat the surface to prevent future growth. Make our mold removal specialists your first call for restoration work. 

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Mold Removal in Louisville & Shepherdsville, KY

Our mold remediation company has a positive reputation in Jeffersontown, Shepherdsville, KY, Jeffersonville, IN, and the surrounding area. Our clients recommend us to their friends and family members because we:

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We’re more than just your typical locally owned mold remediation company. We also offer water restoration, house dry outs and mold inspection services. Discuss your needs with our team during your consultation, and we’ll provide a free estimate of service. If you’re a senior or member of the military, please enjoy 10% off your service as a token of our respect and appreciation.